7 Things To Know Before You Book Yourself For A Turkish Hammam

Don’t you ever wonder about the origin of the modern bathing tradition? When did humans start scrubbing themselves when they showered or thought about exfoliating their skins? These questions may sound humorous when thinking out loud, but they do have valid historical contexts. Read on to find out the origin and the fantastic benefits of the oldest bathing tradition of the world!

1.   The Origin Of Hammam

By definition, Hammam means the “spreader of warmth”. When the Ottoman Turks combatted against the Romans and grasped the reign of Constantinople back in the 1400s, they brought their own customs and traditions with them. One of them was their bathing tradition. They soon encountered the bathing traditions of the Romans and infused their traditions with it, resulting in the birth of a whole new ritual of bathing. The Turks called it the Hammam and made sure the rituals conformed to the many rules and regulations of Islam. In modern times, people call it the Turkish bath as well.

2.   What To Expect Upon Entering A Turkish Bath

Expect to be dazzled by the glorious architecture of the ancient Turks, if this is your first experience to a Hammam. Upon entering the magnificent building, you will be granted access to a private room to undress and wrap yourselves in a sarong like clothing which is called a “pestemal”. Once you get prepared, you will be directed to the warm room.

3.   An Insight Into The Warm Room

You would feel like entering into a different world or perhaps, a parallel universe, when encountering the clusters of steamy clouds generated by the steam of the warm room. It is an enclosed chamber which successfully prevents the steam from drifting elsewhere. Moreover, your five senses will be engulfed and stimulated by the warm and scented aromas of the traditional bath ingredients. The steamy environment and the echoing voices will send you into a meditative trance which will benefit your mind and body alike.

4.   What Happens In The Warm Room?

You will be allowed to lay under the swirling clouds of mist relaxing to your heart’s content for about 10-15 minutes. During this highly-stimulating period, you will keep sweating profusely. The epidermis or the outer layer of the skin will loosen up as a result of this process, making it scrub-ready. Then you can (or someone will!) exfoliate or massage your body using a textured exfoliating cloth known as a ‘kese’. During the exfoliation process, heaps of dead skin come rolling off your bodies while your body undergoes a simultaneous massaging therapy. It helps in soothing and relaxing our muscles while boosting the blood flow, cleansing you in and out of all impurities. You are sent into a calmed and invigorated state which evokes thousands of indescribable sensation within your mind, body and spirit.

5.   Do You Have To Be In Turkey To Get A Hammam?

To answer this question, yes, you can have your own DIY Turkish bath by using the best body exfoliating mitt in the world. The difference between using a ‘kese’ and a modern exfoliating mitt is that you do not have to steam your body for a long period when using the latter.

You can use a Turkish bath to rewind after a long week of work or simply to reinvigorate your tired skin. You can even shop for a wide array of mitts that suit all skin types around the world.

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