How to Choose Skincare Products That Work Best for Your Skin

With so many brands of skincare products, choosing and buying one gets really confusing. There are even times that you bought something new only to find out that it doesn’t work well with your skin. Whether you’re new to the skincare world or simply needs some help in choosing the best skincare product for your skin, here are some simple tips to remember.

Know Your Skin Type

Your choice of skincare products greatly depends on your skin type. There are plenty of factors that affect skin type like genetics and even weather conditions so you might notice that your skin type changes from time to time. To know what kind of skin type you have, first, wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove all the dirt, oil and makeup. Pat your skin dry and leave it untouched for about 2 hours. Check it afterwards and notice its condition.

If your skin looks even without any sign of oiliness or flaking, then you have normal skin. Lightweight skin products work best for you.

If it looks shiny and slick to touch, then you have oily skin. You are more prone to breakouts so be sure to use liquid or gel-formulated products.

If you notice dry patches on some areas, you have dry skin. Moisturizing is an essential part of your skincare routine to keep your skin healthy. Your skin might get irritated easily so watch out for products with irritating ingredients.

If your T-zone looks shiny yet the other areas are normal or dry, then you have a combination of all other skin types. For the oily areas, use gel and liquid formulated products. Moisturize the dry areas with lotions and moisturizing creams or serums.

Do Your Research

Don’t get easily caught by the creative packaging and interesting ads of beauty products. Before choosing one, do a little research first on the products you’re interested with. Check customer reviews or search what product is favoured by users. You can even ask some of your friends for their recommendations.

Check the Ingredients

Almost all skincare products have their ingredients printed on the label. Some ingredients are known to work best on certain skin conditions. For example, products with salicylic acid are potent in unclogging pores and controlling acne so you should get similar products if you have this skin issues. Other products even contain harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. To be sure that your skin is 100% safe from harsh chemicals, dermatologists recommend choosing organic face care products instead.

Trial and Error

Trying out a skincare product is an important step to know if it suits you best.

Many skincare companies offer a return policy so you can return a product if it’s not working for you. It’s their responsibility to keep their customers satisfied so they should have no issues regarding product returns.

Finding the right product for your skin sure takes time but everything pays off once you already found the one.

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