How To Take Care Of Your Skin

For ages, I never took care of my skin. I used to eat the worst foods, drink the worst drinks and completely ignore basic skincare. Heck, I didn’t even wash my face before I went to bed. That’s a complete nightmare for you, as you can imagine. But are you like that? I hope you’re not. If you are, don’t worry. This article was specifically made for you! We’ll be discussing the various different ways you can make your skin go from a 2 to a 10. I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned and hopefully, you’ll see results when we’re done.

Understand How Diet Is Key

The title wasn’t an understatement. Your diet really is responsible for how great your skin is. Yeah, skin products really help, but what you eat is what goes inside your body. Imagine how your skin would feel if you only ate fried foods and soft drinks? It’ll feel pretty bad, wouldn’t it? And that’ll show on your face.

I had constant acne. So much so that it hurt whenever I spoke. Soon this changed. I ate much cleaner foods, less processed stuff and completely eliminated fizzy drinks. It was only water for me from here on out. The results? They were astonishing. I was amazed, mesmerized, in shock by how different I looked. Within a few months, my skin almost completely cleared up.

From barely any water, now, I drink several liters of water a day, possibly 4-5 and I feel great and so does my skin.

How You Sleep Could Be Your Skins’ Downfall

Pillows are one of your skin’s greatest enemies. When you sleep on your pillow, you’re leaving dirt and residue behind on the covers. Can you imagine what would happen if you continuously rest your face on a pillow when you sleep? You’re accumulating all sorts of dirt and bacteria on it, and in return, you’re transferring the accumulated bulk to your face. This is a disaster as you’re readily allowing bacteria to feed on your skin.

If you follow a good diet along with a morning and night skin care routine but still have breakouts, this is probably why. You now know, and honestly, I was there too. I kept getting breakouts and I had no idea why. I was doing everything… except for regularly changing my pillow covers. Don’t be like me. Change them at least twice a week. But I’d say more often than that.

Skin Care Routine?

Get ready for the crème da le crème. Your skin care should be divided into a morning and nightly routine. For the morning segment, use a cleanser, followed by a toner, moisturizer, and then sunscreen.

For your nightly routine, it’s almost the same. Use a cleanser, then toner, exfoliator (use an exfoliating mitt, I use the Mitten classic) face mask, then eye cream.

Personally, I’d invest in good quality products instead of the cheap stuff.

Right. Have fun with your happy, healthy skin. You deserve it.

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