Proven Treatments for Removing or Eliminating the Appearance of Scars

Scarring is quite common. Most of us have scars from wounds we got as kids when playing. However, some scars can be particularly disfiguring. Severe wounds, burning, or surgery, for example, can leave big and nasty scars that you may be self-conscious about. While there’s no guaranteed method to completely remove scarring, there are some treatments you can try to at least reduce the appearance of scars.

Scarring essentially occurs because of damaged tissue. The scars vary in severity depending on the extent of the damage. Deep set scars can be rather difficult to remove. So the effectiveness of any treatment you undergo will vary depending on how severe the scarring is. With that in mind, here is a list of top methods you can try to make your scarred skin look better:

Laser Treatment

Laser therapy is probably the best known treatment for scars right now. Despite popular belief, laser treatment cannot complete eliminate the appearance of a scar. It also only works with some types of scarring, not all.

Laser therapy uses light pulses to penetrate and remove the top layers of the skin. Some scar tissue would be removed. But it mainly works by stimulating the healthy skin to produce more collagen. As your body naturally heals following laser therapy, the appearance of the scar would diminish.

Prospective patients should be aware that laser therapy isn’t a medically approved treatment to remove scars. Effectiveness can vary. It’s also costly and requires a medical professional to administer.


Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that may help improve the appearance of shallow or light scars. For example, if you have acne scars, this method is highly recommended. Do note that this procedure doesn’t help with deep scars.

The procedure basically involves removing the dead skin cells off an area by gently exfoliating. Microdermabrasion doesn’t involve lasers. It uses a different type of equipment that can leave a reddish appearance when the procedure is done. However, your skin would eventually heal and appear much smoother than it used to before. This method can remove minor scar tissue and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

This procedure is generally inexpensive. It’s not hard to find an affordable microdermabrasion practice Sydney to get it done on a budget.

Steroid Injections

This method may not be for everybody. However, corticosteroid injects is a medically tested treatment for some forms of scarring. It can particularly help with keloid, or raised, scars that appear after a deep wound heals.

Doctors usually recommend at least three sets of steroid injections administered over time, usually about five weeks apart. You would need a prescription for this type of treatment. It can take long and can cost a significant amount of money. But it’s best if you have keloid scars that worry you.

Cosmetic Surgery

Surgery for scar removal is recommended if you have a particularly disfiguring scar. Surgeons may use skin grafts to improve the appearance of the affected area. Surgery is highly recommended for tight scars in joints that hinder movement.

Not all scars can be removed or treated by surgery. Some types of scars can grow back larger following surgery. Therefore, you would need to discuss multiple treatment options with your doctor before considering surgical scar removal.

It’s not possible to completely remove the appearance of a scar. So don’t fret over your scars too much. You can try any of the above treatments if your scar is causing you too much anxiety. Remember, there are pros and cons to each type of treatment, so do your research before trying a method.

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