Things to Consider When Gifting Sex Toys

If you’re looking for fun and thoughtful gift ideas for your significant other, sex toys are one of the best things to consider. People have different reactions when it comes to sex toys which greatly depend on that person’s preferences or openness to the idea. Make sure to pick an appropriate event such as a romantic anniversary night so that your gift will be well suited to the occasion. Whether it is a surprise or a discussed one, here are some factors to consider when gifting sex toys to your partner.


Being practical is important when buying sex toys. Instead of buying plenty of different toys that are cheap and of lower quality, invest in a high quality one that you think your partner would love. Be sure shop all your fantasies here at Australia’s best and most convenient online adult store. Rest assured, you’ll only be getting high quality products from their trusted brands.


Sex toys are made from different materials and sometimes some products that contain harmful chemicals can sneak their way into the shelves. Some of the safe materials are silicon, glass and stainless steel. Watch out for products that contain phthalates or other harmful chemicals. If you’re planning to share toys with your partner, nonporous toys are your best pick because they can be easily cleaned and is non-absorbent.

Discover What Your Partner Likes

If you’re planning to gift your partner a toy, make sure to know their preferences. Observe what kind of simulation she likes most during sex and use this as a hint when choosing the right sex toy you think she’ll love. For example, if she’s more into penetration and G-spot stimulation, a dildo or a vibrator is the most suitable choice.

Be Realistic

It is good to be adventurous when choosing sex toys. However, you need to put the recipient’s preferences first if you’re planning to gift it. If your partner is new to toys, you can start simple and small by giving one which you think suits her preferences so she won’t feel uncomfortable or awkward with it. Later on, you can up the ante and try more adventurous toys when she is already comfortable with the idea.

Find Great Deals

You can find lots of great deals and discounts on sex toys during holiday seasons such as Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of this to save a lot when buying a toy for yourself or as a gift. There are plenty of great deals ranging from discounts and freebies. You can even shop conveniently online and still enjoy the best sex toy sales.

Give Them Space

One of the best things you can do after gifting your special someone is to give them space and privacy to explore and have pleasure on their own. Of course, there is an implication that you want to share the experience with the toys you bought but it is best not to pressure your partner into it especially if they are still new to those stuffs.

There is more to sex toys than just solo fun. Aside from making sex more fun, it may even improve your relationship with your partner.

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