5 Ways to Wear Polo Shirts with Style

Polo shirts may seem boring and plain if you wear it just the usual way. However, if you know how to style this piece up, you’ll find that it is one of the most versatile and fashionable garments you could wear anytime. You can also add a feminine touch to this garment by pairing it with pieces that are softer looking. Here are some great ways to wear polo shirts with style.

Accessorize with Jewelleries

Add a touch of contemporary feel to your polo shirt by wearing some statement jewelleries with it. There are lots of options that look great on polo shirts such as bib style necklaces, pendant style long necklace, bold earrings and bangles. Be sure that there is harmony among your outfit and the accessories to create that classy chic look.

Wear It with Sexy Pieces

Polo shirts womens tend to look masculine when worn with the wrong pieces. For a more feminine looking outfit, wearing your favourite polo shirt with sexy pieces adds some appeal to your attire. For example, since your curves get hidden under that loose polo, wearing it with a pencil cut skirt balances the look. You may also wear it with bold coloured skinny jeans for a sleek and feminine look. Avoid sneakers and flats; instead wear it with heels or wedges to add some sexiness in your outfit.

Button Up

Buttoning up your polo is one of the trendy ways to wear it. It naturally gives a clean and polished look when you button it all the way up. Add a feminine touch by wearing it with a swingy skirt or a short. You may also try tucking it in for a smoother silhouette and modern looking outfit. Wear it with your favourite sandals or ballet flats for a playful and girl appeal.

Wear it with Layers

Polo shirts look more fashionable when worn in layers with other pieces. During cooler days, you can wear it with a jacket, a blazer or a cardigan to keep you warm and comfortable. It also looks great when worn with a crew neck sweater because of the collar that just peeks out of the neckline. For a sporty look, try wearing it over a sweatshirt or a long-sleeved shirt.

Polo Shirt Dress

Polo shirt dress is a contemporary twist of the usual polo shirt. It looks like just the usual polo but much longer and falls just above the knee. This piece is perfect to wear during casual days or when you just want to play it cool while still looking fashionable. Polo shirt dresses look great with casual looking footwear such as sneakers and loafers. Just be sure to wear complementing colours and patterns to finish up your outfit.

Polo shirts definitely look great on women too. Wearing it the right way and being more creative in matching it with different pieces helps a lot to look more fashionable in this versatile clothing piece. Try these techniques and transform your outfit into something extraordinary.

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