Top Effective Remedies To Stop Snoring

Sleeping with someone who is snoring will make you lose precious hours of sleep that you would wake up the next day cranky, tired and like you have not slept all the entire night. If this case is too familiar, it’s time to take matters to your own hand.

If the idea of sleeping with noise cancelling headphones does not appeal to you at all, there are top effective remedies you could “force” your partner to do, lest you kick them out of the room and make them sleep on the couch.

Is Your Partner Overweight? Enroll Them In A Gym

This is one of the culprits for snorers. People who are overweight often snore because of the extra bulk of nasal tissue that is in their throat that constricts the airflow. This remedy might take time before it positively affects snoring, but this is not the only benefit. Losing weight by exercising and eating a hearty diet promotes a healthier lifestyle. Seeking the help of a medical professional to better achieve the goal of losing weight as a remedy to stop snoring is also advisable.

Is Your Partner A Back Sleeper? Roll Them To Their Side

Sleeping on our backs have the tendency for our tongues to roll back blocking our throats. When this happens, our tongues keep us from breathing smoothly and the vibration causes the snoring sound. For your partner to breathe smoothly again, roll them to their side to keep the tongue from blocking their throat.

Is Your Partner Suffering From A Serious Disorder? Go See A Doctor

Snoring could also be a cause of alarm especially if you notice that your partner’s snoring is different from their usual; temporarily stopping their breathing, choking, gasping and their snoring becomes louder and heavier. If you noticed these symptoms and other remedies did not work, it is time to visit a doctor. The doctor would check if your partner is suffering from any of the sleep disorders that cause the snoring and would prescribe the necessary treatment. Some of these cures include prescriptions of melatonin supplements, breathing devices or even surgery for severe cases (corrective nose structure), night lase treatment and palatal implants.

Is Your Partner A Smoker Or A Drinker? Make Them Quit

Smoking and alcohol are also one of the causes of snoring. If they could not really stop snoring (especially after a long day at work), try not to drink 2 hours before bedtime since alcohol relaxes our mouth and throat muscles making them droop and block the airflow. Studies have also shown that snorers are two times as high in smokers. Not only is chain smoking and heavy drinking the cause of other more serious diseases, it could also affect cause snoring which in turn disrupts a good night’s sleep.

Being woken up by someone snoring would affect the person’s mood and productivity the next day because they are not able to sleep fitfully the previous night. It could also be a symptom of a graver health condition and should not be ignored.

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