The one thing Indian every Indian bride dreams about is looking good for their wedding. Asides the wedding dress jewellery is also essential, and every woman would like to get right. There is only one wedding day; we are going to be looking at some of the best jewellery every Indian bride should wear on her wedding day.

  1. The Rani Haar Necklace

The Rani Haar is a necklace style which is usually long and can be single-stringed or have a lot of strings depending on the complexity used when they were produced. The unique thing about this jewellery is that it is lengthy, and this gives the dress a unique and royal look. For a better outlook, this necklace is always accompanied by other necklaces that give it an overall classic outlook. The best necklace combination is with the choker necklace, which provides the royalty with a good and full outlook. This is an excellent combination except for women who love simplicity.

  • The Nath

The Nath is a piece of traditional Indian jewellery which adds charm and glamour to the entire wedding outlook. You stand out without a lot of effort. This is not something every woman is comfortable with, but if you feel the need for that unique glam, then you have just the thing. Using the Nath does not mean that you have to pierce your nose as there are some of them which comfortably press your nose on both sides, giving the same effect.

  • The Payal

The Payal is another beautiful jewellery Indian women wear on their feet for their wedding. Compared to other ankle jewellery, it is worn on both feet to give the overall classic Indian wedding setting. The Payal has a lot of traditional designs mostly crafted with silver metals and to top it off; they have metallic bells attached to them to give it that great sound as the bride takes centre stage on her day.

  • Maang Teeka

The Maang Teeka is the wedding gamechanger that adds beauty to your hair. It is worn explicitly at the pairing of the hair while the two other sides split with the pendant dangling at the forehead. The part on the forehead is a beautiful pendant which beautifies the entire traditional wedding look.

  • Kamarband

What would an Indian bride do without the Kamarband? I do not know. This jewellery is worn on the waist and has an intricate pattern made using coins and beads – some are made of precious metal while some others are made of other materials. This jewellery is something every Indian bride must consider because it gives a delicate look to a simple Indian wedding dress. It can also be used with the sari or lehenga.

Bottom Line

Getting married is an experience of a lifetime, and with so many options and challenges that arise. at Jewellery by Alirah is here to help you with unique classy jewellery to ensure your feeling glam, confident and simply unique on your wedding day!

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