How To Safely Clean Different Blanket Types

Cleaning blankets can be quite confusing given the different types of materials they can be made of. While some materials cannot be tumble dried, others may be required to be done so. For this reason, it is highly recommended to know the different ways of cleaning each type of blanket, in order to retain the quality and durability of them. This article will outline the different things you would need to do in order to clean the blankets at home, and they are given below with explanations as follows;

Cleaning Woolen Blankets

Many types such as wool blanket Australia are considered to be durable and soft. Cleaning them is no rocket science as they can be cleaned in a very simple and easy manner. If in case you stain the blanket with some food, make sure to choose a mild detergent and pour a bit on the stain for a few minutes before putting it into the machine with more mild detergent.  Another mandatory measure needed to clean the wool blanket is to use a soft brush to brush down the dust and lint down in the direction of the wool, before sending it to the machine with detergent on a gentle cycle.

Cleaning Mink Blankets

Mink blankets are usually made out of synthetic thread which requires extra care during the cleaning process. It is essential that mild detergents are used in cleaning this kind of blankets as harsh ones can diminish the quality of the blanket very soon. Another step in cleaning the blanket requires it to be tumble dried in a cool air setting as the warm air may harm the fibers and fade the color of the blanket. Using commercial machines to wash these blankets would also be highly recommended as they can become very heavy and uncontrollable in domestic machines.

Cleaning Fleece Blankets

There is a difference in washing fleece blankets in comparison to those given above. If you have a stain on your fleece blanket, then you would be required to pour some dishwashing liquid on to the area and blot it with a paper towel before putting it into the machine with mild detergent on a gentle cycle with warm water. The drying of the fleece blanket can be done through tumble drying with low heat so that the fibers are kept soft and fluffy.

Cleaning Cotton Blankets

Cleaning cotton blankets is the easiest of all other blankets because it can be washed in the domestic washing machine even with your other cotton clothing items and never expect anything to harm the blanket. Another advantage of using cotton blankets is because you do not have to wash them all the time because they can be put outside to be dried for them to start feeling fresh again. But in the case of washing the blankets, it is important to use a mild detergent and dry them outside.

All the different types of blankets require different ways of cleaning them, by knowing the difference of each kind, you are always able to retain the quality.

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