How To Dress To Ace An Interview

While you are on the lookout for a possible job, it is normal for you to receive calls for an interview. When you do, you most probably have mixed emotions – one, a company noticed you and possibly wants you, and two, this interview can make or break the job you want. These jitters are all normal. Every individual has the same sentiment. However, along with with these sentiments, you also have to fix certain things on the side – your resume, your portfolio, and your attire. During job hunting, you most probably have your resume and your portfolio prepared and readily available anytime. However, can the same conclusion be made for your attire? Bet not. To give you an idea of how to dress, below are some of the pointers that you should keep in mind.


The general rule is to dress depending on the work environment of the organization that you are applying for. Let’s say, it is a retail store or a local restaurant. By the looks of it, going for a suit and tie is not really appropriate as this is considered as overdressing. For ladies, you might want to tone it down a bit by wearing a dark pair of pants with a blouse or a casual top. You can go for professional flats. For gents, you can wear a pair of dark or khaki pants and a polo shirt. Wearing sneakers is plainly unacceptable. However, beware of your clothing selection as a too casual attire can leave the impression that you are not really taking your application seriously. Go for casual, but not too laid back casual.

Business Casual

If you are applying for a start-up company, it would be best for you to dress more smartly than casually, hence, business casual. The business casual dress code does not mean that you can dress up like the owner who simply wears shorts to work. Remember that you are an applicant. For ladies, it is best to stick to a dark or khaki pair of pants, a blouse from the fable, and a blazer. You can also go for dresses, but make sure that they are at least knee-length. Anything shorter than it is unacceptable in the business world. Take note that you are going for potential work, and not to a social gathering. For gents, you can also go for dark or khaki pair of pants and a short or long sleeve polo. It is also best to wear formal shoes and again, no sneakers.

Business Formal

When they say business formal, it really is formal and classy. Under this dress code, ladies are expected to wear a pant suit, a long-sleeve blouse, a blazer, and heeled shoes. Select the heeled shoes that you are comfortable with. Do not wear super high heeled shoes.

This will not add up to the probability of you getting hired. Also, make sure that your hair is neatly tucked away from your face and your fingernails are clean and/or polished. For gents, go for the classic suit and leather shoes. Embody that fresh and clean look with a nice hairstyle and professional tie. Both ladies and gents could add accessories in their attire. However, make sure that these are all muted. Anything that Is eye-catching is a no-no for the employer.

Adhere to the dress code by following these rules on how to dress appropriately. For sure, you will ace that job and land on the job! Good luck!

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